David Bell BSc CEng MIoA MIET, Managing Director

After graduating from Birmingham University with an honours degree in Physics, David spent time at EMI working on the earliest digital audio projects. At the end of the 1970s, these projects culminated in the release of EMI's first digitally mastered records for the LSO and John Williams' band Sky.

David's next move was to the BBC where he helped specify and design the Corporation's first digital production facilities including the Neve-based mobile DCV. He then spent five years at Solid State Logic where he worked on algorithm development and control surface programming language creation. During this time the team created the first continuously variable digital equalisers in the world.

By the end of the 1980's David was at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, working on the musician/engineer interface of music recording and performance systems. This sparked his interest in acoustics and technical systems integration and led to a period as technical director with Harris Grant Associates. In 1997 he left to form White Mark Limited with an aspiration to bring together all aspects of technical and environmental design from the very beginning of each project so that all influences are given the correct balance from the outset. This aspiration remains the company's key philosophy and supports every project that it undertakes.